Research and Development

Hashie institute for biological science
We research and develop virus-free seedlings, propagation technology and embryo culture.

Kunisada plant breeding station
We breed vegetables such as tomato, cabbage, squash, bulb onion, bunching onion, carrot, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, etc.

Miyazaki plant breeding station
We breed forage crops such as dent corn, feed crops.

Floriculture breeding station
We breed flowers such as eustoma, delphinium, limonium.

Development of hydroponic system
We develop and design hydroponic system which suits each vegetable and search the best variety and cultivation style for the system. We also develop recycling hydroponic system.


We produce our own breeding seeds and seedlings.

Operation, Sales

Vegetable seeds
We sell our original vegetable seeds all over the world.

Virus free seedlings
We have developed virus free seeds tubers and virus free seeding of sweet potatoes and sell them growers and producers.

Forage and Greening seeds
We sell both our original forage, greening seeds and many other seeds such as dent corn, grass, wild flower, etc.

Flower seeds, seedlings and bulbs
We sell our original flower seeds, seedlings all over the world. We also deal with numerous variations of flower seeds, seedlings, bulbs and plants.

Garden supplies
We sell many kinds of garden supplies such as fertilizer, agrichemical, soil, pots and tools for personal use. We also deal with many kinds of plants (flowers, vegetables) for personal use.

Hydroponic system
We make and sell many proposal of Hydroponic system.

Agricultural facilities
We deal with greenhouses, equipments related to greenhouses.

We sell wide range of agrichemicals in Japan

We co-develop coated fertilizer with Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited and sell them in Japan.